Monday, July 4, 2011

Peon...a remaking of the original

this particular page(s) lies in the "Gist" heading...the "Gist"
one of my really early working title at the time was Peon...or Leon the Peon...
still might call the first chapter by that name...any opinions???

i was attempting to make this as close to the original as possible...granted, i do draw both Leon and #13 slightly different these days...but look at any comic and you can see some evolution/progression of characters:

1950's snoopy looks quite a bit different from the current snoopy...this is something i've been scared of a bit...and it's felt awkward to be drawing things one way and then wanting to improve something...i worry that when/if i get this out there, that the earlier stuff will look like rubbish...i know i can't be too much the halts progress and the progression/evolution is actually a good thing...
consistency will happen with consistency
i just have to be consistent enough to become consistent...

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