Number Thirteen:

  What can be said?  He's an evil press that has an appetite for human flesh...imagine the safety record at this factory!  Number Thirteen has "decided" not to eat Leon, and even better, has latched onto Leon.  Constantly invading Leon's space, Number Thirteen is a consistant, unceasing, pain-in-the-ass.


Our hero/victim.  Leon starts out like many young the bottom.  From the very first day here at the Mechanical District, Leon seems destined for greatness/tragedy.  Find out what woes befall our friend Leon in his daily struggles with a complete raving lunatic for a boss and an insane machine.

The Control Panel:

Usually displays a message straight from the black heart of Number Thirteen himself.  Leon thinks he controls Number Thirteen with this "Control" panel... the joke's on him!

The Boss:

The fearless leader of the whole shootin' match.  The Boss is the Owner, CEO, Supervisor, and pretty much every administration position imaginable, save for the functions Mr. Chart performs.

Mr. Chart:

Speaks almost only in business jargon, Mr. Chart is the Bosses right-hand man.  Chart has a knack for all things business and statistics.  Will Chart's expertise be enough to keep Mechanical District in the black?


The tough-guy of Mechanical District.  Virgil finds every opportunity to pick a fight with Leon, and #13 loves to instigate scuffles with Virgil.

Leon the Goth

Whenever depressed Leon explodes, bats and all, into a dreary, all black-wearing Goth.