Sunday, September 22, 2013

it's been awhile

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I know, I know...Mechanical District has been neglected for a while now...I've gained so much traction with Penniless, and been working at that...i have what you call a one-track-mind...when i'm working on one thing, it's hard for me to switch gears and go to something else and still come back...i get in a penniless mode and it's hard to go into a mechanical district mode...there is a story to be told here...i just have to work on fleshing it out....i'm probably going to be looking at an ending for this as's hard to continually comment on how bad a job sucks, when the one you are now at doesn't...forced complaining...i guess i shouldn't complain, right?, this is all a bunch of excuses....yeh, you could pretty much say that...stay tuned...i will make it worth it...i hope.